A downloadable game for Windows

Play as the British Prime Minister; keep the unwashed masses happy while draining public funds into your offshore account. Win by stealing as much as possible without the public finding out about your corruption!

Jam Version

We made Political Shitstorm for Nordic Game Jam 2016. We will be updating the game to improve it and fix bugs but we want to leave this version up too, to show what we achieved in 48 hours!


Aina Fiol - Art and Design

Alice Bowman - Writing and Design

James Foward - Programming

Mark Bowen - Design and Writing

Paul Palmer - Writing and Design

All of the team are third year students from the University of East London; Aina, Alice and Mark study Game Design: Story Development, while James and Paul study Computer Game Development. Check out our courses here.


PoliticalShitstormv2.rar 442 MB