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WASD = movement

Space Bar = jump/levitate when fly is cast

Z = Fireball attack

X = Open spell book to prepare spells

C = Cast prepared spells

J = Open journal

This prototype was made for my Level Design coursework, the task was to make a mid-game level based on the prompt of 'Betrayal in Waterdeep'. Waterdeep is a Dungeons and Dragons setting so a lot of the game design is based on that system. In the prototype you play as a sorcerer who is an acolyte of Lathander and trying to track down another acolyte who desecrated the temple with a dark ritual. The level is broken and clunky in places as I was learning Unity and C# as I made it, however I'm currently updating the level. I did all the scripting and design work in this level however most of the 3D assets are from the Unity asset store.

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Published 1 year ago


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